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In estate cases and for executors, Monroe County Appraisal Associates will provide appraisals that meet the requirements of the courts and various agencies. Most often, estate appraisals are conducted many months after the original owner’s passing. In such cases, Monroe County Appraisal can provide a retroactive appraisal that will reflect the fair market value of the property at the time of passing. The appraisal we provide will be accurate and we will stand behind our appraisal should it be challenged.

1100 University Ave, Suite 305
Rochester, NY 14607 USA
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When it comes to issuing mortgages or using property as collateral for equity loans, establishing the actual value of a home is a serious matter. Credit unions, banks and lending institutions depend on unbiased, accurate real estate appraisals. In this business there is no room for error. Home and property appraisals must be made from an intelligent, local property value perspective. Monroe County Appraisal Associates’ intensive knowledge of local real estate markets will provide you with accurate and factual appraisals that will meet your timing needs.

Appraisals for Divorce & Bankruptcies

Proper evaluation of properties, including real estate, is an undeniable necessity during divorce or bankruptcy proceedings. In divorce cases, the house can either be sold and the gains divided or one party can purchase the house from the other.
In bankruptcies, you want to make certain your assets are protected, In either case you or your attorney will need an appraisal. Monroe County Appraisal Associates can work with you or with your attorney to provide the most accurate appraisal that can be submitted without contention to finalize your divorce or bankruptcy proceeding in a timely manner.


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Specializing in single and multi-family homes and property appraisal in the Rochester and Monroe County area.

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