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Monroe County Appraisal Associates

1100 University Ave., Suite 305, Rochester, NY 14607 USA

MCAA Agents Have More Than 80 Years of Combined Appraisal Experience and Service Excellence
in the Rochester and
Monroe County Area.

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Serving Rochester and Monroe County
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MCAA provides appraisal services to banks, lenders, realtors, attorneys and individuals. Our investment in the latest appraisal software tools and digital technology means faster turn around time and lower cost for your appraisal. Monroe County Appraisal
Associates takes pride in providing personalized customer service, you may call us personally or contact us by email, we will respond immediately. You may also submit an appraisal request through our website, any time of day, 24/7.

Real estate appraisal is our only business, we are Rochester's appraisal professionals. With MCAA, you can be certain your next appraisal will be unbiased, accurate and on time.

1100 University Ave., Suite 305
Rochester, NY 14607 USA
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Specializing in single and multi-family homes and property appraisal in the Rochester and Monroe County area..

• Credit Unions
• Banks & Lenders
• Realtors
• Attorneys
• Individuals


• Mortgage
• Home Equity
• Tax Assessment
• Divorces
• Bankruptcies
• PMI Removal
• Estates


Monroe County Appraisal Associates focuses its services in the Rochester Metro area and Monroe County. We have the expertise and familiarity of the real estate market and property values throughout this area and can provide you with an accurate appraisal or advice.

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Serving Metro Rochester & Monroe County
Mike Galitzdorfer

Located in Rochester, New York, Monroe County Appraisal Associates was founded in 1995 by Mike Galitzdorfer, a certified appraiser and an expert in the real estate appraisal field. MCAA specializes in professional appraisal services for single to multi-family homes within the Rochester Metro area, including Monroe and its five surrounding counties. Because of our many years of experience, extensive knowledge of home construction and the

area's real estate market, Monroe County Appraisal Associates delivers accurate appraisals within your time line.